FY9401 Oxygen Solution

FY9401 Oxygen Solution
Technical data:
Flow range:0.5-3L/min.
Oxygen concentration:93%±3%.
Out put pressure:20-50kPa.
Pressture relief mechanism operational at:250kPa±25kPa.
Operation noise level:≤55dB(A).
Input power:320VA.
Minimum operating time:30minutes.

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Product Description

Complete plastic out shell,safe and reliable.
Timing turn off function allows convenience use.
Quality press safety valve ensures better security.
Installed power cut warning function.
Compressor with heat protection  which ensure safe of the compressor and concentrator.
Power cord and nasal oxygen cannula etc.accessories can be put in the store box.
Can be connected with nebulizer to have nebulizing cure.
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