FY9406 Bedsore Prevention Mattress

FY9406 Bedsore Prevention Mattress
The strip-type alternative mattress is made of non-toxic PVC with nylon fabric,There are 22 interchangeable tube.
1. Low-noise design.The operating noise does not exceed 45dB(A).
2. Safe round edge design.
3. Simple and lucid adjustment button.
4. Air pump is provided with hanger at the backside,which may save space.
5. Air charging pressure at the outlet of air pump is adjustable,maxmum pressure ≥ 12kPa.Under the maximum operating load,the maximum pressure of mattress ≥4kPa.
6. Maximum flow of air pump ≥4.5L/min.

Product Description

Appearance Gas circuits numbers Color of air pump back shell L*W*H(mm) Operating mode of air pump Rotary valve motor R.P.M 4W CW Inflating time(mm) Deflating time(min) Exchanging time(min)
Bubble type 2 Dark grey 188±8*83±5*8±1 Alternative 1/5.1/6 3 3 6
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