FY9402 Oxygen Solution

FY9402 Oxygen Solution
1. Oxygen concentration display.
2. Nebulizer optional.
3. Durable sieve bed.
4. Easy to maintain with modular design.
5. Easy replacement of filter.
6. Time accumulation.
7. Audible and visual alarm:Low oxygen,Power failure,Compressor failure,Low & high flow.

Suitable range:
Clinic,hormecare,nursing house,geriatric nursing etc.

For The Crowd:
Geriatrics,pregnent women,high mental labor,students,white-collar,and peoples suffer chest distress,lapse of memory,absent-minded,indigestion,bad sleeping etc.

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Product Description

Model Name FY940105 FY940108
Oxygen Flow 1-5 LPM 1-8 LPM
Oxygen Purity 93%±3%
Power Consumption 320W 540W
Output Pressure 50-70 Kpa
Noise Level 45dB(A) 50dB(A)
Alarm System Power failure alarm,compressor failure alarm
Net Weight 16.5 Kg 19.6 Kg
Gross Weight 19.6 Kg 22.5 Kg
Operating Temp. 5℃-40℃
Dimensions (L*W*H) 430*320*620mm
Carton Size (L*W*H) 500*370*710mm
Equip. Classification Class II Type B
Power Supply 230V,50Hz or 115V,60Hz
Optional Oxygen Concentration display & low oxygenalarm,low & high flow alarm,nebulizer,dual flow and 2-5 way splitter
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