FY9115 High-Precision Ultrasound system Designed Specifically For Women's Health

FY9115 High-Precision Ultrasound system Designed Specifically For Women's Health
1. Windows Embedded operation system
2. 19' LED & free arm design
3. 10.4' LED touch  screen
4. Stereo audio system
5. Newly designed ergonomic console
6. Front and rear handles
7. 4 Active transducers ports
8. 4G RAM,120G  SSD+500G HDD
9. 4 Wheels with locks

Product Description

Multiple Probe Options
3.5MHz convex probe
6.5MHz trans-vaginal probe
7.5MHz  linear probe
3.0MHz phased array probe
3.5MHz micro-convex probe(R20)
5.0MHz micro-convex probe(R15)
7.0MHz micro-convex probe(R11)
7.5MHz  trans-rectal probe
3.5MHz 4D volume probe

1. Multi-beam Processing
This technology can increase temporal resolution without reducing image quality
2. Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Optimizes spatial and contrast resolution in grayscale imaging
3. Compound Imaging Technoligy
Compound Imaging Technoligy aims at improving the contrast resolution of 2D images
4. Speckle Reduction Imaging
SRI improves the contrast resolution as well as overall clarity with no perceptible loss of frame rate or detail resolution
5. 4D Technology
Thanks to increased physical channels,high frame rate and advabce technologies,the 4D imaging of the ultrasound delivers smooth movement of fetus and offers comprehensive 4D acquistion,data rendering,and post-processing functionality

High-quality Imaging Solution for All Point-of-care Environments
Emergency medicine
Internal medicine
Interventional radiology
Breast exams
Critical care
Vascular exams
PICC line placement

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