FY9114 Portable 4D Color Doppler

FY9114 Portable 4D Color Doppler
1. 15 inch medical LED display with articulating arm for viewing from any angle.
2. Ergonomic keyboard design,Elegant operation panel,optimized keyboard according to operation frequency and functional zone,and adjustable.
3. Probe Ports:2 Active,free probe switching,hot-swapping available.
4. Continuously working 2-3 hours:Large capacity plug-gable mobile rechargeable lithium-ion battery with imported high capacity battery.
5. Digutal surround audio system.
6. Full patient database and image management solutions:DICOM 3.0,AVI/JPG,USB2.0,HDD,DVD,PDF report.

Product Description

Confidence for Diagnose
1. Trans-vaginal transducer with high definition displays minute fetus clearly.
2. Quality volume transducer shows vivid fetal facial organs.
3. Distinct fetal aortic arch.
4. Sensitive color Doppler displays plentiful renal blood flow.
5. Vertebral artery and vein blood flow reflects enough penetration and good spatial resolution.
6. Dedicated software measures carotid automatically and accurately.
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