FY9113 Economical Type 4D Trolley Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner

FY9113 Economical Type 4D Trolley Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner
Standard Configuration
1. A new generation of full-body application economic color doppler machine,inherited a unique imaging technology and clinical features,its excellent image performance,comprehensive features and intelligent design,to meet a wide range of clinical diagnostic needs and improve diagnostic confidence
2. Compact and agile trolley design,with 19'LED medical monitor
3. Hard disk,DVD-RW,USB interface
4. 4 probe connectors
Multi language interface including English,Spanish,French,Russian,Arabic,Vitetnamese,Portuguese,remove the language problem during usage,increase doctor's work efficiency

Product Description

Widely clinical applications,meets daily diagnosis
Outstanding images performance,sensitive blood flow,endows this equipment with the best package for all applocations,Vascular,eri vascular,Small parts,Prostate,Breast Supperfical,Musculoskeletal,Gynecological,Pediatric,Surgical lmaging,Obstetrical,Cardiac and so on.

Convex probe
Linear probe
Transvaginal probe
Micro-Convex probe
4D package:induding 4D volume probe,4D software and 4D hardware module,Video printer or PC probe
Biopsy kit:for convex,linear,TV probe

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