FY9102 High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System

FY9102 High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System
1.Mega pixel CCD camera amd high resolution image chain system for excellent image quality.
2.Pulse fluoroscopy function can realize optimized,low-dose and real-time imaging.
3.Disetinctive design and user-friendly operation thanks to the counterbalaned design of the C-arm.
4.Unique Image sofetware processing system and standard DICOM interface can integrote into the clinical network.

Product Description

Item Parameters
Output Power 5 KW
Dual-focus Small focus:0.3;Large focus:1.5
Inverter Frequency 40 KHz
Fluoroscopic capactiy Flouroscopic type Automatic,manual,pulse
Tube voltage 40-120 KV
Tube current 0.3-30 mA
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