FY9029 Automated External Defibrillator

FY9029 Automated External Defibrillator
1. Manufacturing based on CPR guideline of AHA revised in 2010
2. Automatic analysis and identification of patient ECG to give electric sock advice if it is necessary
3. Applicable to family and piblic place for first aid & emergency treatment in case of sudden cardiac death
4. Audible and visual prompt to guide operation step by step with alarm
5. Able to enhance success rate of defibrillation and minimize the injury of defivillation to herat
6. Two button operation,three step defibrillation process
7. Bi-phasic energy output with truncated exponential
8. Lock out protection to prevent inadvertent defibrillation
9. Non-rechargeable LiMnO2 battery of 12V,4.2Ah supporting 200 discharge,with life time of 5 year
10. Optional software for PC based event review

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