FY9009 LED Operation Lamp

FY9009 LED Operation Lamp
1. Imported LED cold light source is adopted,with the ultra-thin optical lens
2. Digital means are adopted for stepless regulation of LED brightness
3. Light field size can be adjusted by the handle
4. The removable handle sheath can be disinfected
5. The service life of LED shadowless lamp is long (50000h)
6. Color temp can be adjusted in three steps
7. The imported switch power supply is adopted to control the voltage,making the work voltage permanently stable
8. The no welding titanium alloy arm,Imported spring arm make sure the lamp head adjusted easily and freely

Product Description

Dlameler of lighthead (cm)

Combined type

Lllumination at 1m (lux) 80000-160000
Light field diameter 1m (cm) 20-28
D10 (mm) 180±40
Diameter of spot D50 (mm) 110±35
L1+L2 Depth of illumination (cm) 150
Color rendering index (Ra) 100≥Ra≥85
Optional color temperature(K) 6700K≥Tc≥3000K
Number of LEDs 72
Average bulb life (hours) 50000h
Heat-to-light ration (mW/m2lx) <6
Working distance (cm) 70-140
Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz
Input power (VA) 180
Ceiling height for installation (cm) 270-320
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