FY9005 CPAP System

FY9005 CPAP System
1.  Intuitive operation: 7" Inch LCD screen displays measured parameters clearly and Intuitively
2. Mobility for intrahospital transport:Easy to move with 4 wheels,easy to stop with 2 brakes in front casters.
3. Integration breathing circuit design, ensures easy operating and keep tidy.
4.  Easy-to-understand monitoring:The configurable touch screen display,Intuitionistic simplicity and specified approach diverse monitoring data.

Product Description

Oxygen concentration

Adjusting range:21%-100%
Monitoring range:15%-100%

CPAP Adjusting range:0cmHO-15cmHO
Monitoring range:0cmHO-60cmHO
Alarm and Protection 7 kinds of alarm and protection functions
Oscillogram P-T
Air compressor ( standard) Continuous output flow:≥25L/min
Peak output flow:≥120L/min
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